Вебдизайн студия WDS. Разработка сайтов, продвижение и оптимизация сайтов, дизайн сайта.


    Every day in Runet there is more and more websites. Many companies engaged in business, I understand that now they just will not do without its own Internet site. While demand, as You know, creates supply. Therefore began to appear in various studios, providing a range of services to create a website, but they have one disadvantage is that the prices are too high, reaching $2,000-2,500. And this is too much, especially for small companies or simply for people wanting to create their own website. So we came up with an idea to help such people and to create sites are much cheaper, but with a lower level of professionalism. We are developing a simple complexity of the sites. To verify how they are simple, You should go to page "Portfolio" and see the work that we have done work.

To order a site in the following ways:

1. order on e-mail

2. order in ICQ

3. order by phone

Payment of services:

1. Cash at the meeting

2. Webmoney
Web design Studio

Our web design Studio is a creative group that aims to make the Internet better and more convenient. In choosing the means to achieve our goal, we rely on the professional skills of our specialists working in the field of web design and Internet solutions.

Any visitor to the Internet looking for in the first place information, and rarely willing simply to admire the beauty of the site. The site should be comfortable, functional and fast to load. A lot of users in remote corners of Russia and not only in Russia are suffering from slow dial-up connections to the Internet. And these users may be end users of Your services.

However unattractive expressly does not enhance Your image. Therefore, in our opinion, high quality professional website design is not too Intrusive. While design is elaborated by taking into account the activity of the company and the audience for which it is created.

In the first place on the website must be a text information is the Foundation for site promotion in search engines. Pictures only illustrate the texts, they are not read robots and therefore will not increase the popularity of Your site in the search systems, the sources of the most targeted traffic. Texts of direct relevance to Your products, will allow users of the web faster and easier to find Your site.

To speed up the launch of the site, You need to prepare in advance:

Major sections of the site

If You are selling the material to create a catalog of Your products

Pictures or images of Your products or work performed

Comments about website design

Text or other materials that You want to place on the pages of the website or to show Your potential customers

The stages of website development:

Preparation of technical specifications

Agreement of technical requirements and cost of works

Development web design site. The layout includes the appearance of the site and type of website navigation

Publishing web design site

Development of the site scripts and debugging on demonstration hosting

Usability testing and fix problem areas

The content of the site

Final testing and commissioning of the completed site

Installation of a new website to work hosting.